Advantages of renting apartments for overseas business travelers coming to the U.S.

April 9, 2023

When planning to stay in the United States for a business trip lasting at least 3 months, selecting the right rental accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and convenient experience. This article explores the advantages of renting apartments, tailored specifically to the needs of foreign businessmen coming to the US.  These are some of the key advantages:

1. Streamlined Leasing Process: Apartments managed by property management companies or large complexes offer standardized lease forms, ensuring consistency, clear terms, and efficient documentation. In contrast, individual landlords overseeing single family homes may use non-standard agreements, resulting in variations and potential gaps in documentation.

2. Time Savings: In comparison to looking for single family homes, searching for apartments can save valuable time for foreign tenants, who typically spend over 100 hours (~2-3 weeks) searching for rental residences. Apartment complexes provide a wide range of options, facilitated by dedicated leasing teams and streamlined online platforms, allowing for quicker searches compared to the often-lengthy process of contacting multiple individual landlords for single family homes.

3. Central Locations: Apartments are conveniently located in central areas, offering a wide selection near workplaces or business districts. This proximity reduces commuting time and increases productivity for foreign businessmen.

4. Inclusive Amenities: Apartments provide inclusive services and amenities often absent in single family homes. These include shared spaces, fitness centers, pools, landscaping, maintenance services, and package delivery assistance, eliminating the need for additional monthly expenses that can be up to $200-$300 a month.

5. Reduced Financial Risk: Apartment complexes have established procedures and regulations for handling security deposits, ensuring fairness and transparency. They are more likely to comply with legal requirements and promptly return deposits, mitigating the risk of disputes or unscrupulous practices common with individual landlords.

6. Availability of Modern Apartments: Apartments offer a modern and fresh living experience, distinguishing them from many older single family homes. With contemporary design, updated amenities, and energy-efficient features, apartments provide a sleek living space without the need for extensive renovations.

Intracity Group specializes in providing a trusted network of reputable apartments, including furnished options, to facilitate a reliable and luxurious stay. Our curated selection ensures convenience, comfort, and quality, minimizing the time spent on setting up a residence and allowing you to focus on your work responsibilities. Partner with us to access exceptional apartments tailored to your specific needs, enabling a seamless transition and prioritizing your professional endeavors.

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